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Kym Wright just recently authored a new book, Booster Shot: Energize Your Homeschool with Unit Studies. In the book, Kym breaks the task down into three steps: the fundamentals of unit studies which include the definition, philosophy and methodology; creating a plan to accomplish the unit study; and energizing the unit study with practical “how to’s” to keep doing it. Her appendix includes reproducible blank forms.
According to Kym, all unit studies fall into one of three basic categories–subject, character quality, and literature. A subject unit study focuses on a specific subject or theme, such as a country, a period of history, a science topic, or even a sport. A character study focuses on a character trait or personal quality such as honesty, self-control, or humility. Lastly, the literature unit study is based on a great piece of literature.

~ Suzanne Reid, Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State
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Outstanding explanation of unit studies. . . tremendously enlightening. . . Unit studies are a great way for both parents to join in on the learning process.                                                         
                                                                                 ~ Mike Smith, Esq.
Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
                                                                          President and co-founder


Unit studies are one of the hottest trends in homeschooling. . .[and] provide a great way to teach many different subjects, using different methods, to different ages of kids at the same time. What could be better for the busy homeschool family? How about having someone write the unit studies for you in a clear, understandable, and logical way?! Easy, practical, and fun! That describes these wonderful unit studies written by Kym Wright.
                                  ~ Holly Cameron, The Old Schoolhouse magazine


I loved Women: Living Life on Purpose. I have been waiting to read some more from you and your family. I am excited.                             ~ Kelly Q


I am so thankful for you and your insight and wisdom!                     ~ Kerry


Thank you!!!!!                                                                          ~ Renee G


I glean all sorts of good ideas.                                                      ~ Josie

Thanks for wonderful homeschool info!                                          ~ Carrie





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